What does a pediatrician do?


Vaccination is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting new-

borns and children from serious diseases and health risks. We provide all kind

of routine vaccinations to new-born and children in a time-bound manner.

Neonatal care

We manage both term and preterm new-borns post hospital

discharge. Periodic reviews and consultations are undertaken to track the

progress of such new-borns.

Well baby clinic

We organize weekly clinic that provides health education and

advice to new mothers regarding the well-being of their babies and other

preventive management

Lung function Test

We organize a monthly lung function test where the need

of inhalers is assessed and guidance and tips provided regarding management

of chronic cough and cold

Child nutrition guidance

We provide expert nutritionist support to guide

children about healthy eating and manage overweight and underweight


Growth and development evaluation

We conduct routine assessment of child

growth and development standards such as gross motor, fine motor, language,

cognition and social and emotional. While substantial overlap exists between

them, periodic evaluation is extremely crucial so as to ensure that overall

growth is on track.